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We restore and preserve historic aircraft


and artefacts for public display.

We are volunteers from the Medway Branch of The Royal Aeronautical Society. We are based in workshops at Rochester Airport. Chatham. Kent. UK.

The shop and visitors' centre are in our new workshop.

The workshop is OPEN to visitors on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday:- 9.30am to 12.30pm

Donations are very welcome -
they help us carry out our restoration work.


Please note: - That we only have our current projects in our workshops and these are generally in a disassembled form so that restoration work can proceed.   The work we do is undertaken for our customers who then may fly, display or preserve the aircraft in private collections and museums where they can still be viewed. 

Current Projects.

These aircraft are currently in our workshop.


We also have two Trolley Accumulators in the workshop which are being restored for different clients.  These units were designed to provide electrical power to ground-start Rolls-Royce Merlin engines. 

Port Wing                    Engine Cowling                         Float

Completed Projects.

These are some of the aircraft that we have worked on and that have now been returned to their owners.

Douglas Dakota.                     North American Harvard       Fairchild Argus

The Manston Hurricane        The Manston Spitfire              Spitfire PR XI

Spitfire MkI                              Spitfire MkVb                           Hercules XII engine

Merlin XX engine                    Short Sherpa                            Northrop Drone 

Boulton Paul Defiant                Fairey Battle                                  GEC Avionics Phoenix

AW Whitley (parts)                 Sycamore Helicopter               Gloster Meteor

Stoke Spitfire MkXVI

MAPSL is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, having no share capital and solely comprising volunteers from the Medway Branch of The Royal Aeronautical Society, whose aim is the restoration and preservation of historic aircraft and artefacts for public display. 


MAPSL is registered in England under the Companies Act No. 02331464.


Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd, AFIS Unit, Rochester Airport,

Maidstone Road, Chatham,

Kent, UK, ME5 9SD.

2011: Our Patron Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall with MAPSL's former MD Lewis Deal, MBE. 

MAPSL Website has been designed to be viewed on a full screen.  Mobile devices are automatically detected and large files and video may not be included to assist with you data management.  For our full site we recommend you view on a full screen device.


Patron:- Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall        Managing Director:- Philip Cole,

Treasurer:- Michael Morris      Company Secretary:- Robin Heaps

Initial web design and production: - Tony Stigle.

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