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MAPSL is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, having no share capital and solely comprising volunteers from the Medway Branch of The Royal Aeronautical Society, whose aim is the restoration and preservation of historic aircraft and artefacts for public display. 

MAPSL is controlled by a Board of Directors.  Four are elected by the Medway Branch, RAeS and three are elected by the members of MAPSL; additional associate directors may be
co-opted to support the Board of Directors.  The AGM is normally held in June.  

All members of MAPSL must be paid-up members of the Medway Branch RAeS.


MAPSL is registered in England under the Companies Act No. 02331464.


Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd, AFIS Unit, Rochester Airport,

Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent, UK, ME5 9SD.

Board of Directors

Branch Appointed Directors

Brian Barnard

Philip Cole

Robin Heaps

Derek Munton

MAPSL Elected Directors

Ian Nicol 

Trevor Young

one position vacant 

Assistant Directors

Chris Aylmer

Stan Humphreys

Mike Morris

Functional Roles

Managing Director: 

Company Secretary:

Company Treasurer: 

Data Protection Officer: 

PR Officer:

Website Manager 

H&S Manager:

Fire Officer: 

Workshop Manager:

Shop Manager: 

Scion Project Leader: 

Philip Cole 

Robin Heaps

Mike Morris

Robin Heaps

Robin Brooks

Robin Heaps (acting)

Refer to Board

Refer to Board 

Derek Munton

Graham Larman

Robin Heaps

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