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11 July 2020 

Links on "Home Page" (towards bottom) corrected to "About Us", "Join Us" and "Visit Us". 

"Links" page updated with additional links to RAF Museum, Manston Memorial Building, Manston History Museum, Stoke Potteries Museum, Aviation Heritage UK and Boscombe Down Aviation Collection.

"Join Us" page updated and link to Application Form added.

History text on Pobjoy Niagara engine updated.  

Further update of the text in the "About Us" page. 

"BMW-003 Engine" page added and linked from "Past Projects" page. 

"Hercules XII Engine" page correctly linked from "Past Projects" page. 

Clarifications to the "Visit Us" page. 

"ASDA Donation" page updated and relinked to "News" page. 

"Mayor's Visit" page updated with email contents included and personal information removed.  

"Albert's Merlin" reinstated as a "Past Project" with minor changes to change it from a press release and linked from "Past Project" page.

8 July 2020

Updates below published 

March to July 2020 (unpublished)

The text of many pages has been updated for consistency, accuracy. and readability  Short Scion added to Current Projects page.  New picture for Pobjoy Niagara.  Turret added to AW Whitley page.  Board positions updated as of May 2019 and linked from "About Us" page.  Additional information for Visitors (including Visitor's Brief) and contacts.  Spitfire RW388 Booklet added. 


Text Added "With the development work on Rochester Airport about to begin, various parts of the Spitfire and the Scion have required to be located outside the airport. We are still open to visitors but would not be able to sustain large parties at this time. Thank you for your patience"


Photos of Scion from 6th Feb 2019

MAPSL Info and Scion Booklet added


Board positions updated



Spitfire Mark XVI  RW388 corrected from MkIV.

list of past projects adjusted.


Contact form renewed due to contacts stating it did not work. Spitfire copied from home page to current projects page.


Having seen the site on an android phone a few adjustments to text colour were made for the mobile device version of the site

Telephone number added
Telephone number removed from contact page
Contribution from Robin Brooks of Text and photos added to the News from the workshop and the press releases. A few alignment issues with windows XP to windows 8 adjusted on the first page. The white text, Blue box style added to the " about Mapsl" and " the Visit us page, Also added the aircraft movements are now 24 hour ( Air Ambulance) 
News from the workshop page added with update from RB
Press release MOVEMENT CARD FOR SPITFIRE RW 388 Photo gallery added to Spitfire page and 2 photos added to Sion.
Spitfire Mark XIV press page and in the workshop page
Phoenix and TB752
Harvard and Sycamore text updated
Photos of Mk1 Spitfire and PR IX.
Mk1 Spit updated HAWKER HURRICANE LF738. HURRICANELF751/BN230  Argus and Harvard 
Alberts memorial Photos added
ASDA donation added to news and press release.
New links to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar and also The Spitfire Company
29 -01-17
Popjoy page updated and photos added.
MAPSl Website has been designed to view on a full screen. Mobile devises are automatically detected and large files and video may not be included to assist with you data management. For Our full site we recommend you view on a full screen device.
Added to main page
PL965 Photos added.
  Whitley Seats Photoas added.
PAFRA and RAs Links added. Join the team & Work Experiance spelling corrected.
06-12-16. 22.06 ENGINE AND SCION speling corrected.
26-11-16 22.44  Ron Nobes name corrected, Sorry Ron!

31-10-16. 14.20 Links fixed from main page

29-10-16. 14.20Merlin XX page updated with text rather than the photo of the Hendon display board.Text updated by Robin

24-10-16. 17.20

New page for the "Popjoy engine", Photosw by Robin Brooks

Update of the scion page with new photo. new photos added to the slide show.

New page of "Parts Needed" added.


23-10-16 00.39

Spelling of Museums corrected on the front page. The colout of text on the CD3 page made blue. All pages adjusted so the footer is at the end of the text, not 3ft below!


22-10-16 removed the Mk of aircraft if not relevant on the completed projects area of the front page.

22.30  Mobile device presentation adjusted.. removal of some photo from the mobile phone version

Added a slight drop shadow to the titles of each chapter to highlight it a bit more. made the first text box oval to stress its title status.

Added a link to this page from the footer (IE Site last updated Time / date ) for your this is

temporary  during the redevelopment stage and for convenience when monitoring this site.


Updated this page to a white background to enable easy updates of this page.

21st October 2016   00.50 :- Blue background boxes added to all text and photos on the first page and PL965 and

North American Harvard You tube video added, (not available on mobile devices)

21st October 2016   00.50 :- Blue background boxes added to all text and photos on the first page and PL965 and North American Harvard You tube video added, (not available on mobile devices)

21st October 2016   00.50 :- Blue background boxes added to all text and photos on the first page and PL965 and

North American Harvard You tube video added, (not available on mobile devices)

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